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     It has been two years since James Hoade married the love of his life and
became the Lord of Loxley.  He and his wife Elena have had a son and his new
life is just starting to feel normal.  But England is threatening to tear itself apart
from within, when alliances form to remove King Henry from the throne.  With
hostilities in France, and along the Scottish border, England’s forces are divided.
     All of this is of little consequence to James since Loxley is of no strategic
Importance, and far from the reaches of invasion.  But much of England’s nobility
is incensed that this upstart is now supposed to be considered their equal, and the  
time has come for them to show him his proper place in the world.  James is ordered
to head north and stop Scotland’s King William from reclaiming Northumberland,
while Stephen is sent on a quest to France, to save the Queen.
     Defender of the North is Book 2 in the Defender of the Realm series.  In an
age of castles and knights, James Hoade must, once again, prove himself worthy.
Join James, Allyn, and Stephen as the adventure of a lifetime continues!
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       Defender Of The Realm is a rousing, historical-based action adventure.
The castle-town of Dansford is one of many such outposts along the Welsh
frontier charged with the protection of English subjects by the authority of
King Henry II.  For Lord William Marleigh, the smooth operation of Dansford
is only half of his problems.  He must also find a suitable marriage for his son,
       A daring attack upon the castle changes everything when a hapless merchant
inadvertently becomes a hero.  He and Stephen become friends and embark on a
journey to meet Stephen’s betrothed.  Through a series of mistaken identities, she
believes that the merchant, James, is her intended. Before Stephen can set things right,
he is made privy to new information regarding the Welsh attack, and for the sake of the
realm, he must race to London, and inform the King.  Left on his own, James must fend
for himself in a world of nobility and manners, where one wrong slip of the tongue
could be the death of him.
      Defender Of The Realm is an exciting, and often humorous ride through England
of old that breaks down the social barriers of class distinction by examining what truly
makes one noble.  It’s the adventure of a lifetime!
Book 3 in the Defender of the Realm series.

   The rebellion to remove King Henry II from the throne of England has been
crushed.  The perpetrators have either been imprisoned, or have all met untimely
ends.  Henry’s forces have done such a thorough job of rooting out the dissidents,
that England seems to truly be at peace.
   Appearances can be deceiving.  When hostilities are bottled up, they find new
avenues of release and bring forth something Lord James has never had to deal
with before when a mutilated body is discovered in his quiet town of Loxley.  Facing
a foe on an open battlefield is a far cry from finding a monster hiding in the shadows,
or worse, the madman who walks among them.
   It is medieval murder most foul, and James must wrestle with his conscience over
what is the truth, and what is justice.
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