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New Covers On the Way - September 2014
Defender of the Realm Series - June 2014
A Romance Novel? - Feb. 2012
A New Book! - Dec. 2010
Inspiration for Defender of the Realm - Feb. 2010
   For the story I am telling in the Defender books, sex is not what drives the characters, so it's not included. But the fact that
my main character falls in love with someone above his station, IS relevant. It creates some of the drama or tension that needs
resolution. That's what makes a book fun for me, wondering all along and ultimately finding out... how is this going to end?
Don't you want to find out too?
Being There - April 2015
The Tower of London
Windsor Castle
Alnwick Castle
Out with the old, in with the new, and NO POTATOES! - Sept. 2015
        If you’ve been reading the earlier blog posts, then you already know that I’ve been redesigning the look of
the books and correcting some dubious errors within the text.  Well, Rhys finished the amazing artwork in May,
and Erin finished correcting my poor English grammar in July.  It has taken me these last couple of months to
add titles to the covers and to update not only the main manuscript, but the Kindle and Nook versions as well.
After submitting them to the publisher (and having had to re-do them a couple more times to fix glitchy errors),
I am proud to say that the new versions of both Defender of the Realm and Defender of the North are available
to the masses.  The new covers are already featured throughout the website as well as within the video promos.
The full illustrations for the covers of each can be seen on the “video” page.  Now that this phase of  creative
operations is complete, I can finally return to working on book 3, Defender of the Faithful.  Keep your fingers
crossed for me.
BIG  NEWS !!  -  July 2016
     I just finished writing the first draft of Defender Of The Faithful.   Now begins a few months of
editing and re-writes, but I am still confident that I can finish it off in time for Christmas.   Get your wish lists
started.  I will keep you posted.
Christmas has arrived! - December 2016
         As I had hoped, Defender of the Faithful is now available for your reading pleasure.  Put it on your
Christmas list, or buy it as a gift for someone else.  It’s okay if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still
get a copy for yourself or loved ones.  It is available in Print or Kindle.  I haven’t decided if I am going to
make it ready for Nook.  There hasn’t been much of a demand for the Defender books on Nook.  You tell me.
Are you a Nook reader?  Would you be sorely vexed if I dropped out of the Nook scene?